Sunday, April 1, 2007

My Trade Candidates for 4/2/2007

Here are a few setups for Monday. I've trimmed the list down quite a bit today for a couple reasons: first, because I think it becomes overwhelming and hard to focus on a few good candidates when the list has too many symbols, and secondly, I'm trying not to keep repeating ideas on stocks that have been posted in the last few days. As I noted in a previous post, often times what I post on a given day doesn't develop into a tradable setup; however, I continue to watch those stocks and they sometimes do develop into a good setup in the ensuing days. So, rather than repeating the same ideas day after day, I'm going to try to provide new ideas each day, but fewer of them, and you can consider watching the stocks that I posted an idea on previously. That doesn't mean I won't ever post an idea on the same stock on consecutive days, I'm just generally trying to avoid that. Similarly, Brian Shannon and I often have overlapping ideas on the same day, and I am trying not to post an idea on a stock that he's mentioned recently (again, I can't guarantee I won't, but I'm trying not to overlap).

Have a great Monday!


Anonymous said...

Hi John,

Its good to see your trade setups for the next day. There are only few of them who really post their trade before they actually execute them. I was wondering if you could post the results of your trading for the day.

Thanks a lot for all the hard work. Keep it up.


John Gilner said...

Thanks for the comment HJ. At this point I'm not comfortable posting my actual trade results as I see results as a personal matter and driven by decisions that would be hard to fully explain in this blog. I will however keep it in mind and may do so on a selective basis.