Saturday, March 24, 2007

About this BLOG


I am an independent, full-time trader of stocks, futures and options. I trade my own accounts, no one else’s; I don’t manage money nor do I provide any kind of investment advice. I don’t charge anyone for anything because I don’t provide services of any kind. I do REAL TRADES, with REAL MONEY, every day. I earn my living the hard way: by grinding out profitable trades based on hard work, commitment, and a passion for trading. It’s that simple (but not easy).


This blog is my way of sharing my views on stock trading, the market, and (if I feel inclined) on life. Blogging has become an excellent way to communicate and share with others who share similar interests and who may be able to help each other in our endeavors. I will generally post my ACTUAL TRADE SETUPS in a grid format for anyone to review as educational and idea generating tool. I may also post certain other ideas or observations from time to time.


In general, I will post my trade setups for the following day some time within a few hours after the market closes. As an example, I will generally post Tuesday’s trade setups some time Monday afternoon. Of course there will be exceptions to this, but that will be the general approach. If there is not a post within a few hours after the market close, check back later in the evening or early the next morning.


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Why would I go to all this trouble? Because I think it helps me to help others: by formalizing my trade ideas and making them visible to other traders, I expect to become a better trader myself and to learn from others who look at my trade ideas.


This blog is for educational and entertainment purposes only. I am not providing investment advice, and I am not making trade recommendations. I am sharing my own personal views on trading and providing one person’s perspective on potential trade opportunities. That doesn’t mean you should trade them. If you trade, you are always responsible for your own trades and your own trade ideas. Some of the stocks I trade can be very volatile and thinly traded (illiquid). Trading involves risk, so if you trade you should be sure you understand what you are doing.


Bill Luby said...

Welcome to the blogosphere, John. It looks like you're off to a good start. I particularly like that you have decided to share your setups well in advance of the trading day.

Good blogging and good trading!


TradingGoddess said...

"If you want advice, go somewhere else" - LOL!

That's pretty blunt enough! hehe

But, I am actually seeking advice. I would love to include you on my blogroll, however, as I have it sort of categorized, could you please tell me what "type" of trader you consider yourself most to be?


John Gilner said...

Hey TG - I'm a short-term trader, meaning 1 to 10 day timeframe (day and swing). Single stocks, index options, and index futures (in that order of frequency). Trained by MarketWise and Brian Shannon (He's the Ace!). Would appreciate a link! JG

TradingGoddess said...

Hi John!

Nice to meet you!


I did delete your comment on my blog as per your request.

I also added you under my category of Day Traders as I just can not justify putting you in with the longs/swings.

I hope that is O.K.

It is good to hear you have learned from the Master, Brian! I adore him! He is on list of men that I want cloned! :)

He has the patience of a Saint and his intelligence and experience in the market in admirable!!! You are very lucky!

I look forward to seeing your blog progress and I wish you many greenbacks as well!

John Gilner said...

Thanks TG - Many wishes for green to you as well! I am primarily a day trader so I like the link! I'll do more posts in the days and weeks to come re: how I trade (including index options, which go much long than day trade timeframes).