Wednesday, March 21, 2007

My Trade Candidates for 3/22/2007

So, one of the frustrating aspects of trading is when you make a good call on an entry then get shaken out before the real move in the direction you were expecting to happen. Well, that happened to me in spades today, unfortunately. However, there is no point in complaining so here are some trade set-ups for tomorrow.

In addition to these, I will be paying attention to the following: ASCA, BOOM, EVVV, FOSL, FSLR, NTES (counter trend - be careful); ONXX, PENN, SNCI, UHCO.

1 comment:

Brian Shannon said...

John, a lot of the same setups as I am looking at (as usual). Keep up the good work here. Traffic is on the way! You'll see...