Thursday, September 20, 2007

Did it!

1:36:08 (7:20 per mile)

Not what I was shooting for, but a personal best by 8 minutes, and I had a nasty stomach cramp the whole way - ouch. Without that, I probably had another minute or two in me. Perhaps I can achieve a low-1:30's pace next time. OK, let me make a note of that...

A few pics:

Time/distance/pace from my GPS:

The early going:

Okay, can you think of a better location than this?? That's me out by the bushes, if you can see that far.

This is how I felt afterward; ouch! Stomach cramps the whole way, and in the final 2 miles my left hip was hurting like crazy.

Mission accomplished!


Mark said...

Nice jo John. Happy Birthday

Jason said...

I am two years behind you. Nice run. what are those around 8.30 miles?