Tuesday, May 15, 2007

I'm Baaccckkk!

Hello everyone, I'm back from the amazing island of Maui after a week of hanging with the coolest wife and two little boys a guy could have and drinking more $10 Mai Tai's than I'll admit to! If you haven't been to the West Maui area (Ka'anapali Beach) I highly recommend it. Maybe you should treat yourself after your next home run trade...

I've reviewed some charts this afternoon but haven't hit it full speed yet. With options expiration on Friday and my time away, I'm going to take it slow until I get a feel for how things are trading. There's definitely been some volume on the sell side, but expiration weeks during bull phases tend to show strength late in the week, so I'll be keeping that in mind.

Here are a few ideas for tomorrow:

BCSI above 38.20
BIOS above 4.28
GLUU above 13.80

On the short side I missed EQIX today but I like it on weakness after a rally back up to around 80.00 or so.

Beyond that, I'm watching these on the long side also: ARGN, MOLX, NAFC, and TALX. Each of these four have nice chart patterns if they can get going to the upside.

As always, good luck!

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