Thursday, May 31, 2007

Trade Candidates for 6/1/2007

A few for Friday. I won't be surprised if it's a slow trading day, but...with the employment situation report coming out that may not be the case, particularly if there is a surprise. I would generally expect people to do some selling tomorrow to lock in profits and take risk off before the weekend; however, it seems that with all the M&A news it could actually play out differently (people anticipating gains Monday due to deal announcements Monday morning). Who knows? I'll be watching the charts and acting accordingly.

Next post some time on the weekend.


Jason said...

I'm in cmgi at .45, maybe it breaks tomorrow.

Are you still in?

John Gilner said...

Jason, I'm still in CMGI at .45 also; rememeber this company reports earnings on June 5 also. I'll probably sell prior to that news.

Jason said...

Roger that, I saw that and appreciate the heads up. Interesting that on breakout and decent volume that there wasn't more "up" movement today. Maybe setting up for a nice Monday if Wall Street and Asia cooperate. PRST was good to me today. Thanks to Brian for that one.

John Gilner said...

Yea, PRST turned out to be a nice finish to the trading week. I caught it, and I know that Brian did too. I sat in that one for a couple days with no movement (a long time for me to sit and wait) but it paid off this time. CMGI - I'm out, met my price target.