Monday, July 9, 2007

Trade Ideas for 7/10/2007

Aaahhhh! I love it when trades go my way. I had the most excellent trades today in CYPB and HOKU. Nice! By the way, both of those charts still look really good if you can find a low-risk entry point. I know I'll be watching them again tomorrow. I nailed HOKU last Friday also :)

For Tuesday I like:

AATI above 9.90
AKRX above 7.01 (thin)
OMNI above 11.45
OMTR above 22.56
PRST above 8.12

I'm also watching ASYT because it was pointed out on and looks ready to fly.

Good luck tomorrow!


ihccab said...

Did you see DEPO in pre-market today? The shorts are happy.

John Gilner said...

Oh man! I'm glad I wasn't in that one! that's why we use stops, and hopefully people holding were stopped out on that weakness yesterday.

ihccab said...


Thanks for your wonderful blog. I read you almost every day. I had been watching DEPO for a few weeks, since the 50/200 ma crossover, and I almost bought. I took your advice and you saved me from a big loss.

I'll keep reading, I hope you can keep writing. Thanks again.