Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Trade Ideas for 7/10/2007

While I didn't mention it in yesterday's post, I took off most of my energy plays during the strength yesterday...which turned out to be a good move. Whew!

Things will be a bit more tricky now, but I do have a few ideas for you to take a look at. Just remember that with the volatility in the markets, whipsaw action is more likely. Here are some that I like for Wednesday:

EMIS above 4.94
HDY above 3.02
MWA above 16.50
PRST above 16.31 (there was a fantastic trade in this one today)

On the short side:

RMBS on weakness after a rally to the 18.00 area
ROST on weakness after a rally to the 30.40-30.50 area

Good Luck!

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