Sunday, July 15, 2007

Trade Ideas for 7/16/2007

I know, I know...another late Sunday post. Busy, busy, busy.

Ideas for Monday:

AKRX above 7.00
CVTX above 13.15
CYPB above 13.60
EMIS above 4.86
IRIS above 16.55

And if MVIS can get above 5.10 I think it can get going. I squeezed a nice little trade out of this one late Friday :)

I should point out that I see so many bullish charts that, in combination with the market seeming to be extended and with earnings season in full swing early this week, I am skeptical about how good things look.

I haven't checked earnings dates yet, so be sure to do that before you consider a trade. Good luck!


Anonymous said...

you perfer to trade thin stocks only ?

John Gilner said...

No, I trade both thin (~100K to $300K shares/day) as well as thick stocks. The opportunities seem to be weighted in the thin stocks however, probably due to the fact that fewer people follow/trade them and the velocity (of price change) that comes with less volume.