Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Okay - Some Ideas for Thursday 6/14/2007

Well we had a pretty nice up day today - how about that volatility?

Here are a few ideas worth taking a look at for tomorrow - just in case you don't have anything else to focus on :)

CYPB above 14.30
ESEA above 14.85 (very thin and volatile)
MPWR above 17.30 (also thin)
ONT above 2.91
SMTC above 16.57 (I'm long a position in this already, FYI)

I see a bunch of others but these are a good start.

Good Luck!!


Teddy DaRussian said...

Hey John do you think you could put together a post on how you find these candidates - would be very interested in learning more

John Gilner said...

Teddy, I use the Profiler to scan the universe of stocks for ideas, and then I narrow it down based on a variety of factors such as trend alignment, price action, volume patterns, nominal price, and the overall constructive nature of the chart. Check out for the profiler and for great daily narrative by Brian Shannon on these concepts.

Good luck!