Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Trade Ideas for 6/27/2007

CSUN above 14.00 (sector is flying)
EMIS above 4.52 (even better after pullback to ~4.40)
EMKR above 5.40 (I really like this short-term chart)
MED above 9.20 (don't tell anyone I mentioned a listed stock :)
WIND above 11.03 (this one looks great)

I have some short ideas but after that post-close sell-off in the futures today, I doubt that they will be predictable entries in the morning so I didn't inlcude them...but consider watching HNT and NFLX. Also, be careful of the shakeout if we get it; it looks to me like we could POTENTIALLY get moving to the downside.


john hatcher said...

Hey John, don't tell anyone that I asked this but...

Why the sense of embarrassment about mentioning a listed stock? Yuck, the things I don't know by never having gone to Professional Trading School!

John Gilner said...

Well, listed stocks are manipulated by the organized criminals at the NYSE, so I generally don't trade/trust them. For example, the specialist on the exchange floor can see the order book, including your stop assuming you put one in (you always should when trading), so when the stops accumulate around a technical level the specialist will drive the stock price down with house money, trip the stops, and buy from you as you sell. Then the stock tends to rebound and they sell to the next guy who thinks it's going up. Par for the course with listed stocks, hence my skepticism.