Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Trade Candidates for 6/6/2007

Here are a few ideas for Wednesday. I've been a little bit surprised with the strength of the market over the past couple days, but given what I see all the ideas are on the long side. I'm trying to suspend what I believe (that we are due for an ugly surprise to the downside) and trade what I see (strength).

Good luck.


Teddy DaRussian said...

hey John just found your site and like what I see - had a question, how do you find your setups (i.e do you use a program "the profiler" or some other way) - anyway thanks for sharing your picks and look forward to learning more!

John Gilner said...

Teddy, I do use the profiler as a tool to screen for potential trade setups. It works well for catching trends and trend alignment across multiple timeframes, but as always in trading, it comes down to experience in spotting the real trade ideas. Be sure to take a look at Brian Shannon's alphatrends.blogspot.com for some good commentary along those lines.